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We offer products made in our workshops by our pastry cooks from locally purchased vegetal raw materials. Our chocolate, lemon and raspberry mousses are contained in recyclable packagings made of glass or cardboard.

We guarantee the respect of vegan manufacturing standards in all our recipes, and our products contain no trace of animal materials. Our desserts are guaranteed egg-free, gelatin-free and free of additives of direct or indirect animal origin.

For Vegan Desserts, ecological awareness and animal welfare go hand in hand: we are the ambassadors of a new way of conceiving the world of desserts and pastries. Local sourcing in short circuits whenever possible and the use of recyclable containers are at the heart of our approach.


We are a family business that produces pastry products for professionals and private individuals using traditional methods. We act with respect for people, nature and living beings.

Convinced that a different kind of food is possible, we are proud to offer a range of desserts and pastry preparations guaranteed vegan. More and more gastronomy professionals are offering vegan products to complement or replace their usual products. In order to adapt to an ever-increasing demand from consumers, we decided to help them. Choose a committed and experienced vegan supplier !

vegan pastry

It’s often mistakenly thought that pastry would be vegan “by default” because it does not contain meat or fish. And yet, pastry preparations very often contain eggs, milk and even honey : these products from animal farming are formally banned from the vegan diet.

The other common misconception is that vegan desserts are not as good as traditional pastry because they use substitutes that are not adapted to the ingredients usually used in recipes. Yet, vegan recipes are just as creative and delicious as the others ! We invite you to taste our creations, we challenge you to see the difference!


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