Should you add vegan desserts to your menu?

Veganism was decried and mocked when it first appeared but has since won over many consumers for its respectful approach to Nature and the place that mankind occupies within it. For food professionals, it is a real challenge and a tremendous opportunity to adapt to this new situation.

How many vegans are there today ?


Depending on the country and the survey method, people on a vegan diet represent between 0.5% and 3% of the population. The countries in the world with the highest proportion of vegans and vegetalians are Sweden (4%), Canada (2.3%), Spain, and Germany (both 1.6%).


Although the absolute percentage seems low, it still accounts for a population of several tens of millions of people around the world. It is therefore a market of respectable size, and its members are very active on social networks, sharing good places to eat. There are even websites dedicated to referencing vegan and vegetarian catering establishments, such as Happy Cow.


Based on these figures, it makes sense to offer at least one vegan dessert on your catering or restaurant menu.


Is it difficult to offer vegan desserts ?

In terms of recipes, making a vegan dessert is only slightly more complicated than making a classic dessert. Over the years, the vegan community has developed a large number of gourmet recipes that are simple to make. Some companies, such as Vegan Desserts, also offer ready-made vegan products that will help you easily make a wide range of desserts, such as pie shells or vegan chocolate mousse.


However, you must be very careful not to mix products in your kitchens. A separate and well-insulated area will allow you to avoid finding traces of non-vegan products in your vegan desserts: be careful with eggs and milk in particular.

Can you offer both vegan and non-vegan desserts?


Far from the vindictive image that can sometimes be attributed to them, veganism is above all a personal approach and vegans will not be offended to see non-vegan desserts on your menu. On the contrary, your intention to offer them desserts that are compatible with their diet is rather commendable.


It’s all about approach and communication: your vegan desserts must not be completely isolated from your values and positioning. Show that you are making efforts to reduce your impact on the planet and favor short circuits, also offer vegetarian savoury dishes on your menu to allow vegans to make a complete meal.


Don’t hesitate to put a “vegan” label on your menus so that your customers can identify at a glance your offer dedicated to vegetarians and vegans.


To conclude, it is therefore rather relevant to include vegan desserts in your menu, provided that this is consistent with your overall offer. It is an attention that will not fail to be noticed by your vegan customer base, which is only increasing over the years.